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It Was 50 Years Ago Today!

7 Feb

It was Friday, February 7, 1964 when the English band The Beatles landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport. They were welcomed with screams and shouts from New York teenagers eager to catch sight of the new sensation group. Two days later, they made their American debut on the television variety show, The Ed Sullivan Show. More than 73 million viewers tuned in to set a television record. After that, virtually every American teenage girl wanted to hold one of the Fab Four’s hands. Beatlemania had officially arrived.

Ringo replaces Pete Best

14 Aug

In 1962, John, Paul and George fire their drummer Pete Best.Their manager Brian Epstein actually  does the dirty work. The charasmatic Liverpudlian and  veteran drummer Ringo Starr joins the group. The Beatles line-up is now complete. Best had been with the group for two years.

From Pete Best to….

Ringo! (Richard Starkey)

July 7th in Rock and Roll History!

7 Jul

Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)was born today .

The influential Yardbirds (official website) break up, and guitarist Jimmy Page (official website) forms the New Yardbirds. He then changes the group’s name to Led Zeppelin,( official website)allegedly on the advice of the Who’s Keith Moon.