Good Vibrations, Rocks First Masterpiece

10 Oct

On October 10, 1966,the Beach Boys released the single “Good Vibrations.” It is known for its many unusual instruments such as the prominent use of the cello and theremin. It is a  mile stone in the development of rock and roll as an art form and the use of the the recording studio as an instrument.

Single by The Beach Boys
B-side Let’s Go Away for Awhile
Released October 10, 1966
Format 7″ single
Recorded February–September 1966
Genre Psychedelic pop
Length 3:39
Label Capitol
Writer(s) Brian WilsonMike Love
Producer Brian Wilson

“Good Vibrations” earned The Beach Boys a Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Group performance in 1966 and the song was eventually inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1994. It has featured highly in many ‘Top 100 Records of All Time’ charts and was voted #1 in the Mojo Top 100 Records of All Time chart in 1997. Rolling Stone magazine ranked “Good Vibrations” at No. 6 in “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time“, the highest position of seven Beach Boys songs cited in the list. It outranked The Beatles‘s highest ranking song, “Hey Jude“, which was placed at No. 8. The song was also voted No. 24 in the RIAA and NEA’s listing of Songs of the Century. “Good Vibrations” is currently ranked as the No. 3 song of all time in an aggregation of critics’ lists at[11]


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