14 Sep


On September 14, 1955, at Cosimo Matassa’s J&M Music Shop studio in New Orleans, using Fats Domino’s backup band, Little Richard recorded “Tutti Frutti.” He is “the Originator, the Emancipator and the Architect of Rock and Roll!”

Original Release

A panel of renowned recording artists voted “Tutti Frutti” number 1 on Mojo‘s The Top 100 Records That Changed The World  in 2007. They proclaimednthe recording as “the sound of the birth of rock and roll.” In 2010, the US Library of Congress National Recording Registry added the recording to its registry, stating that the hit, with its original a cappella introduction, heralded a new era in music. In April 2012, Rolling Stone magazine declared that the song “still has the most inspired rock lyric on record.”

Performance of “Tutti Frutti” in the 1956 Alan Freed film “Don’t Knock the Rock”

A live 1995 performance.

See also, Cosimo Matassa meets Little Richard.


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