The Rolling Stones Appear again on Ed Sullivan

11 Sep

On September 11, 1966 The Ed Sullivan Show opened the new fall season with a “really BIG show,” starring jazz trumpeter/vocalist Louis Armstrong on Ed Sullivan, comedienne Joan Rivers on Ed Sullivan and returning for their fourth appearance, The Rolling Stones. Despite the multiple appearances by the rockers, Ed Sullivan still had his rules. Joan Rivers recalls, “I was in the dressing room next to The Rolling Stones, and I remember he insisted they get their hair washed—and he was right. And they got their hair washed.”

Following dress rehearsal, the group also had been warned not to leave the studio before show time; but they didn’t listen and on their return were chased by a mob of fans who actually broke a glass door trying to follow the band back into CBS’s Studio 50 on Broadway. That evening, The Stones performed “Paint It, Black” from their new album Aftermath. For this rendition, Brian Jones played the song’s signature riff on sitar, sitting Indian style. The crowd loved the performance and even Ed told the crowd, “You’re yelling much better this year.” The band also performed their hits “Lady Jane” and “Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?”


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