Today is the 45th Anniversary of the Beatles Last Concert!

29 Aug

“There was a big talk at Candlestick Park that this had got to end. At that San Francisco gig it seemed that this could possibly be the last time, but I never felt 100% certain till we got back to London.John wanted to give up more than the others. He said that he’d had enough.”

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the Beatles’ last live concert, held at Candlestick Park in 1966. Here’s the set list of 11 songs, from “Rock and Roll Music” to “Long Tall Sally.” At which point a strong gust of Candlestick wind blew Ringo off his drumset and over the left field fence, discouraging the band from ever touring again.

Lasting between 30 to 40 minutes per show, the typical set list was as follows (with lead singers appropriately noted):

  1. Rock and Roll Music” (John Lennon)
  2. She’s a Woman” (Paul McCartney)
  3. If I Needed Someone” (George Harrison) – the first (and only) Harrison composition the group performed live
  4. Day Tripper” (Lennon and McCartney)
  5. Baby’s in Black” (Lennon and McCartney)
  6. I Feel Fine” (Lennon)
  7. Yesterday” (McCartney) – performed with all four Beatles, rather than the one guitar-string quartet arrangement by which the song was recorded, and in G major, not in F major
  8. I Wanna Be Your Man” (Ringo Starr)
  9. Nowhere Man” (Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison)
  10. Paperback Writer” (McCartney) – the newest song ever performed by The Beatles in their touring
  11. Long Tall Sally” (McCartney)

(To the disappointment of some people, they performed no songs from the new LP Revolver.)

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
12 August 1966 Chicago United States International Amphitheatre
13 August 1966 Detroit Olympia Stadium
14 August 1966 Cleveland Municipal Stadium
15 August 1966 Washington, D.C. D.C. Stadium
16 August 1966 Philadelphia Philadelphia Stadium
17 August 1966 Toronto Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
18 August 1966 Boston United States Suffolk Downs Racetrack
19 August 1966 Memphis Mid-South Coliseum (evening performance originally canceled, but went ahead)
21 August 1966 Cincinnati Crosley Field
22 August 1966 St. Louis Busch Stadium
23 August 1966 New York City Shea Stadium
25 August 1966 Seattle Seattle Coliseum
28 August 1966 Los Angeles Dodger Stadium
29 August 1966 San Francisco Candlestick Park

Candlestick Live!


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