Elvis and the Beatles Meet

27 Aug

August 27, 1965…Elvis Presley‘s manager Colonel Tom Parker contacted Beatles manager Brian Epstein to let him know that Elvis agreed to meet the Beatles at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. When the group arrived, high on marijuana, Elvis was in the darkened living room, surrounded by his entourage, looking at the TV with the sound off while fooling with a bass guitar. 
          “Hi, Elvis,” said the group, almost in unison. Elvis responded, “Hey, you guys want a drink?”
          The four sat down to watch TV with Elvis and were fascinated by his early-model TV remote control, still a novelty. The group also was interested in his pool table and played a few games with members of the Memphis Mafia while Presley’s jukebox repeatedly played Charlie Rich’s “Mohair Sam.” Priscilla was presented to the group, then quickly whisked away. According to Paul, she was dressed “in a purple gingham dress, with a gingham bow in her very beehive hair, with lots of makeup.”
          Somewhat awed by each other’s presence, conversation did not come easily, but John thought to ask if Elvis was working on a new movie. “I sure am,” he replied. “I play a country boy with a guitar who meets a few gals along the way, and I sing a few songs.” “We all looked at one another,” remembered John. “Finally Presley and Colonel Parker laughed and explained that the only time they departed from that formula, for ‘Wild In The Country,’ they lost money.”
          Paul offered to give Elvis some lessons on the bass, then they played a very brief, un-recorded jam session. Everyone seemed pleased with the four-hour meeting. Upon leaving the house, John Lennon told Jerry Schilling to make sure Elvis knew that “if it hadn’t been for him, the Beatles would be nothing.”

More here, and here.


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