The Beatles at Cow Palace in San Francisco.

19 Aug

In August 1964, The Beatles returned to the US for a second visit, this time remaining for a month-long tour.[33] A request was received from the White House press office, which asked for The Beatles to be photographed with the new President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, laying a wreath on the grave of John F. Kennedy. The request was politely declined by Epstein,[34] as it was not the group’s policy to accept “official” invitations.[35] During the tour, The Beatles performed at thirty concerts, starting in San Francisco and ending in New York, twenty-three cities in all.[33]

The Beatles’ set that night and throughout the tour that followed featured only 12 songs, most often in this order:

“Twist and Shout”

“You Can’t Do That”

“All My Loving”

“She Loves You”

“Things We Said Today”

“Roll Over Beethoven”

“Can’t Buy Me Love”

“If I Fell”

“I Want to Hold Your Hand”


“A Hard Day’s Night”

“Long Tall Sally”

At each venue, the concert was treated as a major event by the local press and attended by between ten and twenty thousand fans, whose enthusiastic response to The Beatles produced sound levels that left the music only semi-audible.[33] The tour earned The Beatles over a million dollars in ticket sales.[33] It also stimulated a further increase in record sales, and resulted in the sale of a considerable quantity of Beatle-related merchandise.[33]


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