Scotty Moore,the Blue Moon Boys,and the first chapter of Elvis’s band.7/12

12 Jul

In 1954, Scotty Moore becomes Elvis Presley’s first manager with the signing of a contract that also bore the signatures of Elvis’s parents.

Scotty Moore’s early background was in the western swing style of  jazz and country music. A fan of guitarist Chet Atkins, Moore led a group called the “Starlite Wranglers” before Sam Phillips at Sun Records put him together with then teenage Elvis Presley. and Bill Black‘s double bass  In 1954 Moore and Black accompanied Elvis on what would become the first legendary Presley hit, the Sun Studios session cut of “That’s All Right (Mama)“. Elvis, Black and Moore then formed the Blue Moon Boys.

For a time, Moore served as Elvis’s personal manager. They were later joined by drummer D.J. Fontana. Beginning in July 1954, the Blue Moon Boys toured and recorded throughout the American Southand, as Presley’s popularity rose, they toured the United States and made appearances in various Presley television shows and motion pictures. The Blue Moon Boys appear in the few 1955 home movie clips that survive of Elvis before he achieved national recognition. Moore, Black, and Fontana also appear on the Dorsey BrothersMilton BerleSteve Allen, and Ed Sullivan live TV shows of January 1956 to January 1957. They also reunite on the 1960 Timex TV special with Frank Sinatra welcoming Elvis’ return from the Army.


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