Some say this is where it all started on July 5,1954!

5 Jul

 July 5th 1954, is a landmark day for rock and roll. Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Bill Black spontaneously perform bluesman Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s “That’s All Right” in romping, uptempo style. The next day, bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe’s“Blue Moon of Kentucky” is given a similarly playful treatment.This all took place at Sun Records under the tutelage of Sam Phillips. The two songs then are released on July 19th as Elvis Presley’s first single. This iconic single  bears the legend “Sun 209.”

Elvis on the Louisiana Hayride in 1954  singing “That’s All Right Mama”

The song was written by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, and originally recorded by him in Chicago on 6 September 1946, as “That’s All Right”.

Elvis singing ” Blue Moon of Kentucky”.

Blue Moon of Kentucky” is a waltz written in 1946 by bluegrass musician Bill Monroe and recorded by his band, The Blue Grass Boys.


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